Thank you for using Arc 5 and supporting Archetype Instruments.

Last week Arc 5 was ranked at #1 in KVR daily and weekly rank. All members of Archetype Instruments highly and deeply appreciate your support and we’ll do our best to prove your choice is the best.

Arc 5 has been updated to its v2.10. With this major update, Arc 5’s CPU usage has been improved more than 50% and annoying bugs are completely cleaned up. Arc 5 v2.10 also has new free bank created by J-Path. Experience 64 high quality pattern presets made with Dual ARP feature.

[What’s New]

# Added: 
- New bank added (a total of 8 banks included)  

# Improved: 

- CPU usage reduced in HS mode.
- CPU usage reduced in ARP feature.
- Pan parameter added to VST automation list.
- Factory reset speed improved.

# Bugs fixed: 

- Loading different bank and sound after save & load DAW project file.
- CPU spikes while note playback in certain DAWs.
- Playing lowest note in Pitch sequence mode of Arpeggiator feature (lowest to latest) 
- Not displaying current step in ARP mode. (occurred in demo version) 
- Saves all parameters of Global menu to configuration file (device setup only).
- Misspelled words in the user guide.
Archetype Instruments unveils Arc 5 X Artist project.

The first artist worked with us is Seoul based DJ, producer aficionado J-Path.
As a result of the collaboration, Archetype Instruments and J-Path have released free J-Path bank and Arc 5 J-Path edition.

J-Path bank offers 64 presets primarily focused on dual arpeggiator function designed to be integrated as a loop.
The bank consists of Korean tradition instrument (Gayaguem) and various sounds that can be tweaked to the user's taste.
Feel the sounds from the east with J-Path bank.

*Arc 5 J-Path edition is a lite edition of Arc 5. It's fully working but banks and some functions are limited.

Grab your free J-Path bank and Arc 5 J-Path edition!

# Download free J-Path bank at here (KVR page) or here (Direct download).

- Download the bank file and move to the path below.
...\Documents\Archetype Instruments\Arc 5\bank\user

# Download free Arc 5 J-Path Edition at here.

- Do not download if you are using Arc 5 full version.
- J-Path Bank only.
- Bank/Preset import, export and save function not supported.
- Standalone not included.
:: Arc 5 2nd Generation (ver2.03) ::

For more dynamic control, Archetype Instruments has updated Arc 5 to its v2.03.
Arc 5 v2.03 includes following new and improved features.

* Arc 5 v2.03 is a FREE update for all registered users. Connect to update page.

:: What's new? ::

1. Added "Drawing current step" feature for Arpeggiator.
2. Added automatic bank scanning feature for upcoming bank update.

3. Improved VST automation feature for various DAWs 
tested with Cubase, Ableton Live, FL studio, Reaper, Studio One and more.

4. Factory reset affects master pan.

Archetype Instruments proudly introduce our new partner to you. 
Prime Plugins is one of the fastest growing audio plug-in platforms on the web. 

Meet Archetype Instruments' products at here.

Arc 5 promo video


:: Arc 5 2nd Generation (ver2.02) ::
For faster and more intuitive control, Archetype Instruments has updated Arc 5 to its v2.02.
Arc 5 v2.02 includes following new and improved features.

* Arc 5 v2.02 is provided for FREE to all registered users. Connect to update page for the free update.

:: What's new? ::
1. Added Progress bar while restoring to factory settings.
2. Changed Synth modes' name.
- 7S to S7: Supersaw emulation.
- EL to HS: Hard synced unison voices.

3. Improved MIDI learn feature.
- Minor bug fixes.

4. FX parameter label automatically changes according to its parameter value.
- cab size: 0~90, bitcrusher: 91~100.
- chorus amnt: 0~50, flanger amnt: 51~100.

5. User guide has been updated to v2.02.

6. Improved Standalone mode icon.
:: Arc 5 2nd Generation (ver2.01) ::
We would like to thank all of our customers throughout the world for supporting us.

The updated Arc 5 is technically version 2.01 but we have given it a new name: "2nd Generation". Taking this version beyond bugs fixes and new presets, we improved the functionality and added an inspiring design.

Needless to say, even with a major upgrade like this, the core concept and philosophy of Archetype Instruments remains unchanged.

Arc 5 2nd Generation is provided for FREE to all registered users. 
We also created a demo version for those who are interested in trying out the Arc 5.

We respect your passion and effort to create music.

:: What's New? ::
1. 32 Step DUAL Arpeggiator System
- 2 independent 4~32 step Arpeggiators.
- More dynamic and brilliant phrases.
- 64 preset programs made with DUAL Arpeggiator added.

2. Instant On/Off 
- Instant Arpeggiator, Layer and FX On/Off without page moving.

3. Pre Effect Pan Control
- Pre Effect Panpot added for more dramatic FX.

4. Graphic User Interface
- Fascinating Real-Time Oscilloscope.
- Vectorized UI for clearer view.
5. Higher Audio Quality with Low CPU usage
- Improved CPU stability. 
- Improved VA mode engine.

6. And more
- Improved preset manager stability.
- Bug fixes.

:: How Does It Sound? ::
DUAL Arpeggiator Preset Demo
- ONE instance of Arc 5 using ONE MIDI track. 
- Arc 5 factory preset only.
- No additional effects added. 
(audio was normalized for loudness.)
- Performing using no more than 4 fingers.
Archetype Instruments has announced the release of Arc 5, a software synthesizer for Windows that has "5 different synthesizer in 2 voice layers under 1 philosophy". 

It is carefully designed to generate a wide ranges of sounds with relatively few controllers. Each controller simultaneously affects various parameters which are related to each other. As a result of repeated experimenting and measurements, the 
various sound parameters have been optimized in the process of limiting the number of control variables.

This approach is aimed at enabling musicians to concentrate on their music, and not on confusing parameters.

Even so, Arc 5 will help you to craft your own sounds, using its 2 voice layers each with 
selectable synth modes, the multi-mode arpeggiator system and internal multi effects processor. 

At Archetype Instruments we respect your music and your creativity, and we hope to spread the pleasure of synthesizing to everyone.

     Arc 5 Sound Demo

    :: Dual Arp Preset Demo ::
     :: Factory Preset Demo ::
     :: Synth Mode Demo ::

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